A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

**This is an entry for #NaNoRenO2020 and is currently a demo that takes less than an hour to fully complete.

Recommended age: 16+

Contains mild language, very brief partial nudity, suggestive themes and alcohol reference.

Now Accepting: Roommate is a visual novel/interactive fiction game. Follow Riya (the re-nameable MC) as she makes the tough decision to accept a new roommate after an awkward  incident occurred with her previous ones.

And who knows: she might just find love as well. 

Or friendship.

...or something else entirely...

Choose between Nicky, the upbeat best friend type  (not dateable)

Leo (not a roommate, but Nicky's best friend)

Rael, the quiet guy who just wants a good nap

Marquis, the outgoing businessman

and Kei, the observant, polite college student

**inspired by mobile games/stories like Choices and Chapters

***be sure to follow me for any news in development, though it may be a long while before I complete it, as I have other games to remake.

Install instructions

It's best to download directly from the itch.io app. That way, if I make any updates, you'll receive them right away!


now-acceping-roommate-osx.zip 75 MB
Version 1.0 Apr 13, 2020
now-acceping-roommate-win-linux.zip 93 MB
Version 1.0 Apr 13, 2020

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