A downloadable game for Windows

A 3D rollerball project with very little platforming, lots of coin collection, a really angry ball mom, and stealth. Okay, maybe not stealth. But beware of  danger! They're cute! That's how they get ya!

WASD for movement

E to interact

Space bar to jump

esc to quit the game

Made with Unity, this was a homework assignment for my game dev class. (I got an A, if you were wondering.) I added a few things after the fact, like sound and a way to exit the game.

I couldn't playtest the full thing because these sorts of games kind of give me anxiety, so I couldn't collect all the coins, but leave a comment if you're able to get all 20!

Trashy song by me. It can be found here:



JustHmwk1.zip 39 MB

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