A downloadable game for Windows

*For Global Game Jam 2020*

You always kept your most precious photo with you; one that you treasured for the memories that it held. Then one unfortunate day, you were mugged and lost everything. On top of that, you had to witness your treasure get ripped into pieces and scattered in the strong blowing wind. Collect the pieces. Meet new people. Repair your precious memories.

 (Movement: WASD, Interact: E, Camera movement: mouse, Esc to exit game)

 **Currently incomplete. You can only walk around and talk to NPCs. Made the game solo and didn't have time to figure out programming the quests. 

***If I choose to come back to it, it will be after all the other games are recreated.


precious-memories-win.zip 26 MB
Version 1 Feb 02, 2020

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