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The highly acclaimed (just kidding) series, Keep Tryin', gets a spin-off in this 2020 Quarantine Jam game, Keep Tryin': Another.

(**As this has absolutely nothing to do with the numbered titles in the series, you don't have to play those. Unless you want to.)

This time, play as Kris (renamable) and help him cope with the changes to the world, where there is an ever growing virus and zombies. 

Okay, not zombies.

But maybe...?


Keep Tryin': Another was made for https://itch.io/jam/quarantinejam

The theme was:

A lot of....


In this choose your own adventure style interactive fiction/ visual novel game, you have to make the tough decisions. The ones that don't get you or your friends killed.

I made this in less than 24 hours, since I randomly joined the jam pretty late.

Stay safe out there!!!

Check out my soundcloud if you were interested in the music:


(songs played were HeartattacK, Thaw, You-Cinema and You Should Know ver. 2)

Install instructions

Use the itch.io app for better results and to get future updates.

*** I have no idea if that Mac build works or not. Try it and let me know?


keep-tryin-another-osx.zip 37 MB
Version 1.0 Mar 16, 2020
keep-tryin-another-win-linux.zip 55 MB
Version 1.0 Mar 16, 2020

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