A downloadable VN for Windows and macOS

It's her day off, but how will she spend it? Help Saem figure it out in this slice of life/otome/visual novel..thing.

This was just the product of me playing around with Tyranobuilder and getting the feel of how to use it, since I'm relatively new to the program. I know jack-squat about coding, but I'm learning!

Whatever you do, do NOT take this VN seriously. It's just me being a weirdo and having fun.

I'd also appreciate if anyone can point out some bugs to me. The major ones I noticed were in the save files, but I don't really understand how to fix them.

Assets used for this 'vn' include, but are not limited to the following locations:


steam community


google, etc.

Music by me, created with Music Maker Jam. (Bop to it.)


keep-tryin-win.zip 112 MB
Version 1 Aug 13, 2017
keep-tryin-osx.zip 115 MB
Version 1 Aug 13, 2017

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