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*Please note that this project was made during SuNoFes17 and is currently being recreated. This page will no longer be updated.

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The young woman wakes up in a town, with no memory of how she got there. The town is deserted. There is only one clue that she must find that can explain what is happening.

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Version 2 Sep 18, 2017
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Version 1 Sep 01, 2017

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Hey!!! Just wanted to ask if this game is ever gonna release or not???😅 It was really interesting!!!!


Hey, thanks for still being interested in my project!

The past few months I've released devlogs here on my continued progress. The whole game is getting remade, basically.

I'm aiming for an October release!


Oh great!!! But why the remake exactly??? Changing character art or something???


First I'm changing game engines from Tyranobuilder to Ren'py. I basically haven't touched Tyrano since 2018, lol.

It's getting a complete visual makeover because all of the art that I created was pretty trash. All of the backgrounds will be cohesive and 3D, and I'll be adding in character animation as well as new UI.

Needs better writing, so I started replanning and writing it out like a novel.

And sound design needs to be tackled as well. I did originally like the whole silent thing with SFX as jumpscares, but I decided that there needs to at least be ambient BGM and nature sounds going on or something.

And...yeah! That's why it's getting a remake! lol

If you haven't checked already, here are some of my devlogs.





Sounds AWESOME!!!!! Didn't wanted to say it myself though but you're right about the trashy art part...😅😅 I simply love the storyline... Will be waiting for this game then... Hope it comes out soon....❤❤


Lol no problem. Thanks for being hyped about the game! I'll start back working on it soon (this month my focus was on Karaoke Neighbor.)

Happy Halloween!

To you as well.

Thanks for playing!

The zoom in and zoom out of the screen (or is it just a bug in my computer?) are disturbing the storytelling, and the choice of font isn't helping either ^^;

But then, hope for the continuation of the mystery!

I'll go through it and see what I can change.

As for the font, I tried a lot of different ones, but they wouldn't show up on the program (I think that was a bug) and if the narrator's text isn't orange, that's also a bug.

Thank you for telling me!

I played this! It was really cool- my only significant problem was being jump-scared by the loud sound effects xD but that was all in good fun-- can't wait to see this with voice acting and other such adjustments! :) :) 

Wow, you made a video! Awesome. I'll watch it after work today.

The loud noises were meant to be jump scares since the town is otherwise silent.

I'm glad you liked it!

I'll probably end up remaking the whole thing using different software (maybe I'll finally learn Ren'py.)

Pretty fun!